Tatarstan Gulf
Investment Company



The national cultural context in which business’s operate, has a significant effect on cross-border ventures. National culture includes the categorization of social stimuli, beliefs, attitudes, roles, and values that individuals share. A complimentary view is that culture consists of shared mental programs that control individuals’ response to their environmental.

Consisting of approximately 65% Muslim population, the majority of the people of Tatarstan share the same value system and culture as the people of the Gulf, creating a cultural fit between Tatarstan and the Gulf Nations, which is crucial to long lasting and successful business ventures.


From an economic standpoint, Tatarstan is one of the most economically developed regions of Russia. The republic is highly industrialized, and ranks second only to Samara Oblast in terms of industrial production per km2. Tatarstan's GDP per capita was USD 12,325 in 2004, with GDP in 2008 at about 930 billion rubles.

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