Tatarstan Gulf
Investment Company


The Company’s immediate focus is generating Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Tatarstan, that will facilitate the economic growth in the country, whilst helping our clients to prosper from this growth.

TGIC has established a good relationship with the Tatarstan government, Tatarstan Investment Development Agency and Tatarstan Development Corporation, who is directly overlooking the development of the Kazan Smart City and other major investment in Tatarstan.

Initial Project -
Kazan Smart City

Kazan Smart City is a groundbreaking urban development project designed to spur the growth of investment into high technology, medicine, education, and tourism. The project is being developed using the latest advancements in urban planning and engineering. Kazan Smart City will transform Kazan into a new international business hub with ideal conditions for working and living. For more information on Kazan Smart City, Click Here

Please click on link below to check TGIC’s progress on the Kazan Smart City