Tatarstan Gulf
Investment Company



The Tatarstan Investment Development Agency (TIDA) was founded in 2011 as a special executive body of the government to carry out investment promotion and facilitation. TIDA is responsible for all international investment and business projects in the Republic of Tatarstan, reporting directly to the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

Energy Star Qatar

Energy City Qatar’s vision is to create Middle East’s first energy business centre catering to commercial, technical and human resources needs of the oil, gas and hydrocarbon business which is the backbone of the Qatari economy. It is anticipated that the occupiers will be organizations primarily connected to the energy business, although it is likely that those companies involved in a secondary or tertiary role will also favor the location.


Afkar is a professional services provider, working with businesses and family groups in the GCC to create new strategic capabilities, gain access to complementing investment opportunities and come up with ideas to improve their businesses.Afkar helps owners to explore different ways of realizing the full value of their businesses and gain access to exclusive investment opportunities. Afkar interacts with renowned investment banks and consultants in the region and abroad to come up with ideas and execute transactions which meet the requirements of its clients and business partners.

Karmastaji Group

Currently The Karmastaji Group's primary projects involve large scale property development including the construction and management of a shopping mall, an office tower and a world class resort. The impressive growth of the group and related companies is the result of sound business planning, a hands-on management style and highly profitable return on investment. As the initial companies' continue to grow, more complementary businesses will be added.

Edge Integrated Realty Advisory

EDGE Integrated Realty Advisory (EDGE) aims to be globally recognized as leaders in innovative return-maximization solutions. A world-first in service integration, EDGE offers its clients result focused and seamlessly integrated strategic, marketing communications and transactional advisory services.